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I got this in a chain email from my uncle mike  and made me a little nostalgic.


You get tired of hearing about Katie Holme’s love life.

You refuse to call it Westfield Shopping Center, because we all know it is really Franklin Park Mall.

You would freeze your butt off walking around The Toledo Zoo at 10 degrees because you want to see Christmas lights in the shape of animals.

You know what Meijer is.

You don’t ask, “What is that smell?” or “What is on Fire?” if you are on the East Side.

Your visiting Cedar Point is a tradition dating back to your elementary school years.

You have a favorite room in The Toledo Art Museum.

You can name three bridges that cross the Maumee River .

You know who Danny Thomas and Jamie Farr are.

You have gotten a ticket in Ottawa Hills.

You graduated at the Stranahan or the Peristyle.

You know the names of a local boxer and a local famous ice skater who were in the Olympics.

You get disoriented when you go east of Sandusky and the road starts to go up and down.

You know who says, ‘Turtle!’

You know what “Everybody’s Zooing It” means to you, and you can sing the song, weird accent and all.

You saw a giant, neon-colored, plastic frog sitting on the sidewalk is nothing unusual.

You remember that Ottawa Park used to be the only places for ice skating and sledding!

You know where the original Tony Packo’s is and you know what type of food famous people sign.

You can name at least three “Wood” streets in the Old West End.

You have been to a Mud Hens game, and you know what a “Mud Hen” is!

You have a mayor who decides to change the fire hydrant color.

You know all the words to the Erie Street Market jingle.

You know that your hometown has more restaurants per capita than any other city in the USA .

You know at least one person that worked for Jeep.

You think having all-girls and all-boys 4 Catholic High Schools is normal.

You have ridden an elephant, a panda, a buffalo and a turtle.

You know Major Magic’s was way better than Chuckee Cheese.

You know that the Toledo Storm is not the first hockey team Toledo had, and remember the names of the others!

You know who Opal Covey is, and want her to run for mayor again, just so you can watch the debate.

You remember the tunnel that used to go to the zoo and you jumped on the metal hatch at least 6 dozen times.

You go to food festivals, German, Polish, Irish and other Ethnic Groups, even if you aren’t of that nationality.

You know why Toledo is known as the ” Glass City .”

You know what the “Peach Section” is.

You remember Topps, Rink’s Bargain City and Kresge’s for inexpensive purchases before there were dollar stores.

You remember when Perrysburg and Sylvania were farm country.

You remember when a guy from Boys II Men got married to a girl from Toledo .

The mentioning of Telegraph Road conjures images of adult bookstores and strip clubs.

You can pronounce Monroe, Secor, Maumee and Conant correctly.

You’ve watched Fourth of July fireworks synchronized to the music on WIOT.

You realize that the town of Oregon and the state of Oregon are pronounced differently.

You know who Blizzard Bill Spencer is. Double points for remembering Charles Merlin Umpenhauer.

You can name three suburbs of Toledo that contain the letter “v” in their names.

You lived close enough to a public high school to hear the sound of air horns in marching bands from your back yard.

You know how to pronounce Paszki and eat one every Fat Tuesday even though you don’t like jelly rolls.

You know end of town you are in when you smell General Mills Cereal, Wonder Bread or Hunts Tomato products.

Ending up in Michigan, after taking a wrong turn, does not incite panic because it’s like going across the street.

Before the malls, you went to Miracle Mile and Westgate if you didn’t go downtown.

You know what people are talking about when they refer to Dixie Highway .

You know where to find “The Colony,” “Trilby,” and “Point Place” even though they aren’t on a map.

You know at least one person who remembers Tiedtke’s.

You will always call MUO “MCO” and your parents will always call UT “TU.”

You can explain why the Maumee is brown and it doesn’t have to do with pollution.

The Centennial Quarry evokes feelings of swimming like a seal or dancing like a ballerina.

You know what they are referring to when they sing, “There goes another one.”

You know what school someone is from when someone refers to them as a Frannie or a Johnny.

You own at least one piece of Libbey Glass in your home.

You move to another city and wish you had a Library System like the one in Toledo.

You know that Spring Meadows has nothing to do with spring or meadows.

You remember when the Big Boy on Secor disappeared.

You saw your first rock concert at The Sports Arena.

You remember those affordable chiropractic commercials where the guy always played the guitar.

You can remember the Mummy being in the Egyptian room at the museum.

You know that the girl in the Missy Elliot video is named Alyson Stoner and is from Toledo.

The candidates for most elections are a party-endorsed Democrat and a Democrat running as an independent.

You know where to go to listen to Music Under the Stars.

You know that the Best place to buy corn and strawberries has always been at Monnettes’ Market!

You can correctly answer the question on the Trivial Pursuit Millennium Edition, about naming the mayor of an Ohio town that wanted to pass legislature to have all the deaf people moved out by the airport.

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