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everything bread

got a slow move on sunday which was nice but didn’t get my lawn mowed. slept in read the ever diminishing newspaper [sighs] and drank john’s excellent light roast guatemalan. i’m a big believer in easing into the day. if everything goes higgily piggilly at least i got this time in to relax. then made breakfast with this honey cured bacon out of Hermann that was pretty tasty, thick & meaty with a couple of the stanton boy’s eggs (the yolks were a particularly violent orange) & toast. i also sliced my heirloom tomato which was as good as it looked. next year i’m doing more heirloom tomatoes i’m heavy in red hybrids this year with 3 kinds and only one black plum (which is looking good). it was looking like rain so i put things away and took the lids off the compost containers.

then the tiger game came on, playing the giants who’ve been tough. great pitching early on but the tiges prevailed. john has been watching the games caught up in nostalgia no doubt. its a slow game though and by the ending innings i was outside weeding the roses between innings. allowed me to catch the storm blowing in. got very windy and the trees were bent over. i’ve been trying to be more aware of spiritual things for a group. it was very easy standing in the wind feeling a part of everything.

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