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early on the late day

got up early on my late day and mowed the back yard. lot of picking up to do but the dog waste compost system is doing well. no real odor and stuff seems to be breaking down. taking a little breather in the ac and drinking some water before i get back out there and water. i am going to use the rain barrels since i have the time and don’t want my tomatoes to taste like chlorine from the constant diet of city water. they seem to be doing ok, my big squash that wasn’t producing was completely wilty so i pulled it out and one of my poke weed was down so i pulled that out as well. my other volunteer squash turned out to be acorn. i’ve got another one growing by the okra, which is coming along nicely by the way. i think it likes going in late when the soil is nice and warm. my volunteer tomato plant is budding so i’m curious to see what comes off that.  felt good to get out and do something. the heat wave has really curtailed my efforts. yesterday it was work and watch the tiger game, call it a day. not much of a life that. i only have an hour before its get ready for work time. don’t like to push myself too much as working until 8:00 makes for a long day. well my waters gone and the plants are thirsty and the day promises to be hot and long. better get back on it. peace to you constant reader.

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