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weekend cooking

Enjoyed the rain yesterday and feel better for all my plant friends. It was also nice to have a break from the 90s and humid that feels like it has gone on nonstop for better then a month. i took advantage to put down my milky spore. We’ll see if it works. the traps turned out to be a bust in the mole war. when i pushed down the humped earth to see if the run was active they just went deeper. i had a trap on a run which was fruitless and had no better luck trapping the air hole. they would come up right by the activator plate and not set it off.

Other then that i mostly cooked yesterday. I made a cucumber salad with cukes, green peppers, banana peppers, onion, all from the market with basil & oregano from the garden. I did a dressing with sour cream, red wine vinegar and local honey and a little fresh ground black pepper and it was done. It got a nice flavor with just a few hours in the fridge. I soaked some sweet corn in the husks cutting off the ends. I made a packet with the last of the cabbage (what little i salvaged from the moths) [which i am hoping the milky spore will help with those fellows too] and thin sliced zucchini. I put some garlic, tarragon, onion, a little bacon grease slathered on the foil and some seasoning salt oh and one of my crappy tomatoes from the garden.

For the main course i rubbed in some turmeric, onion powder, & garlic granules with some Traverse City cherry hot sauce on some pork cube steaks & let that sit for awhile . i grilled it all on a mesquite chunk fire. for the steaks i seared both sides on a hot fire and then turned off the vents and let them smoke for a few minutes. everything came out pretty good.

at the market i had gotten some canadian bacon and john had suggested egg mcmuffins. i have new respect for mcdonalds. mine were much much better but what a pain in the ass. I made a round egg mold out of a tin can but the egg stuck to the sides, even when i greased the edges. i found the best round egg was just to bust it in the pan and scrape up the egg into a round shape when it cooked a bit. i broke the yokes and covered them with sharp cheddar. i just heated the canadian bacon with a little water. also sliced up thinly an heirloom tomato and broke out the local horseradish mustard and it was pretty yummy. i served it up with some cantaloupe, blackberries, raspberries & blueberries and some hash-browns (microwaved red potatoes and grated them up and fried them with butter and seasoning salt) .

all in all a killer breakfast with home roasted guatemalan, light like i like it. it was a nice prelude to seeing cowboys and aliens with dan and harry. pretty decent i thought and wrapping up the afternoon with some tiger baseball. verlander’s no hitter blown away in the eighth but they’re still up by one run and i am cautiously optimistic. have to roll into work and play a little catch up and that’s the weekend. feel more up to the daily grind then i did last week. and a 4 day week at that as i head up for the family reunion friday morning.

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