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tomorrow i’m prime

Looking forward to turning 43 tomorrow. I like prime numbers. I have been reading “A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe” that goes over the archetypal symbolism of 0-10. Its been a cool book full of great number lore, based in Pythagoras but sweeping in its scope. Doesn’t seem to have an axe to grind but just putting the information out there, making connections. 42 has been a bit of a tough one and i won’t shed any tears to see it gone.

the tiges just pulled out a close one against baltimore. Valverde made it a nail biter but struck out the last guy and built his lead on saves. this could be the year. john was impressed i could talk baseball with our brother-in-law bill. Owe that to dad like so much else.

The heat broke, its been nice. thinking about taking one of the dogs for a walk. probably smokey, she gets the least exercise.

Still planning on doing a night float of the gasconade tomorrow. the 219 to the 235 in case i am never heard from again. you’ll know where to send the search parties. its a full moon on a saturday on my birthday, how often does that happen. would prefer to float the big muddy, but its closed. its also the peak of the perseids so even with the full moon should see lots of sh0oting stars. let me know your wishes i may have extra. mostly for peace, freedom for the people of syria, that sort of thing.

well the dog ain’t going to walk itself.

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  1. August 13, 2011 at 4:24 am

    only 45 minutes left of being 42 and i’ll never be back this way again. hope i got to see everything. its symbolism is dense with 6 times 7 the realization of our dreams i think. i have been dreaming a lot. almost every night. about strange mundane things. being annoyed. in a quandary. dense with symbolism. 43 not so much. primes are cool and have their thing. its a bit of a repeat with the 7 through addition, dreamy. but mostly the big primes don’t pack the punch of the little primes that make it up, 2, 3, 7, but all the little numbers says stuff 6 a lot, 21 a bit. and of course one is always there, indivisible. can’t find my 777 so none of pater pertubo’s wisdom to guide this year. i might have lent it out.

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