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I saw  a search query that brought someone to my site was what does multiconstruct mean? It took them to a post about baseball and camping and I noticed that a lack of paragraphing can be annoying. Glad people push past that, thank you faithful reader. Nonetheless, I will try to do better. A construct recognizes ways of looking at the world are a created thing. The structure by which we understand anything highlights and obscures aspects of phenomena. Being multiconstruct is embracing many, or even all, ways of looking at the world, like a flies eye it provides multiple view points to shed light and explain. You have to be able to live with a little contradiction is all.

Just back from the market, i said twice that this is my favorite time of year to market in Missouri. The fall stuff is in, the second season of spring crops that they grow in the fall here is here, and the summer stuff is still holding on. Righteous. Johnathon apples, i went with the 8 lb bag and got some egg plants, may do egg plant parmesan. skipped the butternut squash because i had a giant sweet potato.

I also saw lots of people I know and talked to none of them. Its hard for me to deal with the crowd, make all those buying decisions, navigate the crowd with my increasing bulk of packages, and deal with the vendors. Its too much so forgive me if I didn’t say “hi” at the market.

Its blog or mow. Finally getting on the lawn today. Started a bit before Harry came to go to the market. Its been a month but its still not to bad. supposed to be perfect high 60s partly sunny. I have some little okras coming on and the best set of maters all year so i am hoping we still have a good amount of time until the frost.

“punctuation has developed over thousands of years to make our lives easier, to just throw it away isn’t a good idea. no wonder you can type so fast.” “do you use apostraphes when you’re using contractions?” my title has elicited some comment. to reiterate, i mostly blog for fun and do a fair amount of professional writing where i have to paragraph and capitalize and grammar and stuff. blogging i try to get by with less. its easier. but i will try to make some accommodations to usability. “you should drop unnecessary letters too, that would save even more time, all the ones that are silent you should just drop them. and you might consider dropping any letters that are in the bottom row, that would speed up your typing. that’ll be the next phase.” excellent, john. excellent.

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