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still watchless

I’m up early, heard John get up with his dogs and Fido had to pee, if I would have realized it was 4:00 i might have tried continuing to sleep. I’ve gotta get a watch or a clock in my bedroom. Mostly I use the highway traffic to tell the time. First wave of “rush hour” means its time to get rolling. Its been a pretty good week. With the long weekend, short weeks go by quick. Tuesday I felt pressed by messages I couldn’t respond to, paperwork I couldn’t write, training I need to get going on. Wednesday I got some no shows and moved on the first two.

The training thing I think i am going to have to go in on a weekend and dispense with. I need a little space to think, read, and put together the final touches on my certification application to be at long last a [drum roll please] Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professional – Diplomate as well as my re-certification for my [no drum roll required] Registered Associate Substance Abuse Counselor II.

Wednesdays are my late day so I have a rare weekday morning to do something besides work. I went downtown and checked on Tre and myself”s application for the Oddfellows. We were accepted and are moving on to the next phase this month or next. Tre is visiting an Ashram in Colorado so is inaccessible to nail down plans. I am most looking forward to some cross-generational socialization. I haven’t had much old dude rambling on as i’ve been used to since Dad died.

I also stopped by the Occupy Como site at “Freedom Square”. Met an earnest young man named Tripp who told me about the 1%, very cute really. [i apologize for the bold, i am up early writing in the dark and hit some wrong keys and its easier to live with then figure out how to turn off. i will just write about stuff that needs extra emphasis. while i am on a break from my mainstream of thought anyway i will mention the light/medium roast Yemeni/Guatemalan blend I am drinking this morning is quite frankly excellent.] The Como Occupation has been going on for better then a week with someone always there and sometimes a little crowd. I asked if there was any way i could help out and we settled on me picking up Tripp some loose tobacco.

Whenever I deal with youth activists I am always informed by my interactions with my old buddy Ivan. In my youth activist days Ivan was a Geometry professor [bubble specialist] who moved from Berkeley to toledo and found our scruffy activist ways the closest thing to home. He used to insist on buying the pitchers when we went out after meetings because we were poor students and he had a living wage. I try to do the same.

When i came back Tripp was engaged in a lively discussion with another Occupier about the Truth about 911. Yawn. I picked up a sign “You Are Awesome” and waved it for a while and jumped in when the conversation moved on to Blackwater and agreed to stop back by this weekend when I had to go to work. I hope to stop in this evening when i am downtown to check out a little of the Artrageous. Someone I know is having a showing i said i would try to stop by at.

While downtown I went into Coolstuff to see about that watch situation. If i am going to try to squeeze a little Walstreet protesting in i’ll need to be better organized. They had backward clocks which i considered for my timeless bedroom but can’t see it in the dark anyway. I looked at alarm clocks but no wind up ones. I only need an alarm a few times a year. Seems silly to draw juice the other 360 + days. No backwards watches and only a tiny stretchy watch that would not fit my giant wrist. I’ll keep looking. Maybe at Itchys.

The other big event has been Tiger baseball. Enjoyed mightily seeing my Tiges fell the mighty Yankees. Sportsmanship and management overcame money once again. Fister came through and I like how Leland had the confidence in him to take Verlander off the potential roster so he’s fresh for game 1 vs Texas. I hear Texas’s whole roster costs less then one of the highest paid Yankees. Yankees were warming up the bullpen in the first inning after 2 quick solo home runs and through everything but the kitchen sink on the mound including CC Sabathia’s first relief work in the majors. But they still lost. Hah.

Now i’m going to drink a little more coffee then take Fido out for a morning walk. Got back in the garden finally and planted my mum in a gap in the strawberries the hot dry spell created. Might be a mistake but I figure they come on slow and the strawberries will have done their thing before the mum gets big. I got a big bag of crocuses at Costco in toledo and am going to weave them into the herbs i think. Maybe up by the roses as I try to even out the rough patches in my mow route.

to many competing demands. Tre gave me some garlic which i want to get in the ground and john built me a cold frame i would like to get some lettuce and spinach and the like going in. need to get compost. oh well, one thing at a time. trying to be patient.

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