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Watching the American League Championship game 1 and its no score in the 2nd Verlander is on the mound. At least it was, Rangers take a 1 run lead. As always baseball is pretty slow and gives me a chance to update my movements. Its been a pretty good day got up and drank a light/medium roast Guatemalan. Pretty yummy. Harry came by and I made another pot.

We went to the market and had breakfast burritos and listened to some accordion music. The guy had some kids out doing kids songs it was fun. It was a nice market and picked up a variety of peppers, some white sweet potatoes (i’d never had those), some organic sirloins, baby bok choy, turnips, some black maters and white onions both on the small side and a few other things. We decided not to brave downtown to go to Artrageous because of Homecoming.

We hiked instead and went out to Finger Lakes where there was a new trail to an alleged waterfall. We hiked out and enjoyed some Fall color. It seems a couple weeks pre-peak but it got me thinking that pre-peak might be the best color because there aren’t the bare spots you get when most leaves are peaking. Looks like the cotton woods are peaking first and it was pretty. We hiked on a mountain bike trail and it seemed like they packed as much trail in the space as they could so it seemed circuitous for hiking. There was a nice patch of tiny blue asters and it was a pretty enough trail. The waterfall was a bust though, dry as a bone. Must have been a while ago when the reporter did the trail.

Harry dropped me off and I took John’s offer for a haircut (short and looks good) and I got on some yard stuff. Turned the compost, maybe a couple weeks out from getting some. Might make some tea with it though. Dug up by the roses and cleaned out those beds and planted some crocuses. I got this giant variety, though I’m sure they’re still pretty small.

After that it was time to cook. John had gotten some cube steaks so I marinated them in fresh squeezed lime juice, diced garlic, & turmeric. I made my fire with cowboy charcoal and added some red bud pieces when i spilled the coals out of the chimney. I made a packet out of the white sweet potatoes that i peeled and diced with raisins, local honey, black walnuts from Michigan, and some fresh grated ginger with some extra pads of butter because Mrs. Selierman said the taters where dryer then the regular kind.

I also did up the turnip greens with a couple baby bok choy, green onions, white onions, a red poblano pepper, my own garlic. Fried up the hard stuff in bacon grease, then the garlic, then the greens which i then added malt vinegar, sesame oil & bitters and put a lid on it. Served with cottage cheese and hot bread & butter pickles. Pretty yummy.

Now if my tigers can come back it will have been a pretty good day.

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