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not even for baseball

There’s been a couple rain delays in the 5th inning close to 2 hours worth so Verlander’s done. We got back a couple but are still down one and the kid is pitching. It has been very nostalgic watching the playoffs, well really the whole season. We watched the first 2 innings of opening day and couldn’t get a sattelite for games 2 & 3 and dead before game 4. A 1-2-3 inning.

Watching baseball has helped me feel connected to Dad. Sitting in his chair saying what he would say, believing what he would believe. Avilla is one for forteen, “alright, he’s due”. Doesn’t deliver but we’re only one behind and the kid is pitching.

We saw him pitch in KC last year. He was great, hard throwing and athletic which Dad liked in a player. He would be excited about last year’s rookies doing so well and the new guys. He would have loved to see the Yankees go down in flame and would have a rightful fear of Texas. He would have drank some run and been pleased as hell when the game came back on. He’d no doubt be hootin’ and hollerin’.

I can’t help but think that the last 2 or 3 cartons of cigarettes cost him the summer. Seeing the Tiges be the Central Division champs, beat the Yankees and go deep in the play offs, winning a world series maybe. And that makes me sad.

Sometimes though I think how a couple weeks before Dad took ill I had realized he couldn’t make his bed or do his laundry and I was going to have to suck it up and raise my game and do more, but Dad never would have wanted to be a bother. not even for baseball.

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