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lazy day

I saw post recommending a post a day through October to gear up for write a novel in November month. I am not committing but its only like 1,6137 or something words per day to get your 50 K for  a decent sized novel. I routinely write posts that long so it seems doable. I think of it most years and reject it for this or that. Probably always be to busy. Certainly ain’t getting it done today. I had ambitions of doing some stuff but just didn’t feel it today. Up late with the rain delay and dozed off in the chair. Had to look up the results on tigers.com.

Slept late and just a little out of sorts. Drank coffee and read the newspaper and decided to just take it easy. Did get a couple loads of laundry done with the last one still on the line. Maybe take it in the morning. There has been an unending string of perfect days.  Sunny  around 80. Could use some rain though, I haven’t felt like watering. There’s consequences to a lack of ambition but I will spare you the litany of the undone projects.

I did cook a couple nice meals. Made scrambled eggs with an italian sausage, a pimento pepper, green onion, a few baby portebellos and some olive cheese. Served em up with some grits and toast. For supper I felt I had to use the egg plant and knowing John is not a fan i tried to do it super jazzy. I brined the egg plant in salt water for several hours and rinsed good and made a packet with sweet onion, fresh basil and tarragon from the garden, olive oil and black walnuts and little black tomatoes. It was pretty yummy but still egg plant. (should’ve done the turnips).

To accompany that I did organic t-bones with a dry rub of some medium roast guatemelan done to an espresso grind and fresh ground black pepper. I used mesquite chips for the smoke and had a medium fire smoking nicely. While doing the outside stuff I fired a smallish black bell pepper, a big green onion, and some portabellos and garlic in butter to serve on the steaks. Broke out some dill pickle slices which were pretty good. It wasn’t too shabby.

Other then reading some Thor comics and farting around that was my day. I’m about through a box of mostly Marvels from the late 70s. Thor was looking good in that era, steeped in the myth in the beginning of a post-DonaldBlake. Pure Thor, even in his “secret identity”. Fun book, riding his Goat Cart, Beta Rey Bill, you’d have to be a fan…. Nothing wrong with taking one to rest but hope I can get on some stuff this week. But its late faithful reader and time to wind down and rest, perhaps another Thor.


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