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Occupy My Living Room

Again the blog catches me watching baseball. Tigers and Rangers tied at 3 in the ninth. If I am going to stick to a post a day for the rest of the month I am going to have to do more then just updates on my life. It might be interesting enough to carry that kind of attention but fair chunks of it is confidential so that is just not going to work. I’ll have to go then a little further afield for topics. I think I want to talk about The Occupation.

I have been a student of social movements since high school and what this one has a number of things going for it unique to anything else I’ve seen. Mostly its the fact that is going on right now and that its growing. The times seem ready for such a thing with a clear rise in disenfranchisement and the youth unemployment rate why not. Our political system has failed to the point where there is no longer even a semblance of functional democracy. The financiers gambled away the future and no one made them pay. No one went to jail no one has to pay except for the 99%.

If we are going to have to swallow painful medicine, austerity, service and benefits cuts and tax increases or total financial collapse, there is no longer any middle ground then some folks from their side are going to have to pay as well. Someone is going to have to go to jail some real regulations are going to need to be put in place to see that this doesn’t happen again. Our politicians bought and paid for have nothing to shackle the unbridled greed that caused this mess. Nice to see a little old people power.

Now we see what happens. If it keeps spreading and keeps growing then clashes will occur. The state will predictably overreact and the numbers will grow and change becomes possible. They have already changed the nature of the debate. Policy will follow. People can only be pushed so far and no farther. Our bankrupt system is a call to action and I’m glad someone is listening.

Me I just go to work, buy my local food and putter in my yard. watch some baseball. If its the real deal there’ll be time. If its not then I guess it doesn’t matter that much.

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