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I didn’t think I was going to make today’s post. I got tired watching the game but got a second wind. Nice to see the Tiges up a couple. Down two to one it was pretty much a must win tonight and so far so good. Fairly engaging day, a couple random crises at work and shot over to Trevor’s for a “happy hour” after work. We toured his garden and I got a partial bucket of produce, cherry and canning tomatoes, string beans and purple peas, yellow squash and a couple of cucumbers. I was happy.

John made dinner and Kevin did dishes so I got to eat a home cooked meal for free and a comfortable lead in the 7th. Not to shabby. Tomorrow’s game is early and I work late so unlikely to see much of it though I can watch some of it on lunch and hopefully will be home for the end. The kid is pitching. I like that Leland is sticking to the rotation. Shows confidence in letting Verlander rest. I was hoping to get called for Jury Duty but no luck. Most everything is settled by plea bargains around here. Missouri’s courts are even more kangaroolike then Michigan’s.

The Fall is nicer though. Had my group outside. I did half of it (its 2 hours) last week and the vibe is a lot different. More conversational and collegial. More interactive, because I don’t have whiteboard so I don’t pace around and preach. I don’t generate a topic list and then work my way through but answer questions as they come. Had some good ones today kept me on my toes, trying to make points about the dangers of benzodiazipines with some people who are pretty attached to them. They call it rolling with resistance and I had to be methodically careful to not generate excuses and arguments but kept sticking to my guns that they were risky, short term, and ultimately less effective then things like relaxation. Twice the dude said he was going to cut back though, that I reflected.

Tomorrow’s our work potluck too. Since Wednesday is my late night it makes it easier to cook a dish. Thinking about making Dal. I wasn’t going to make it again with green split peas, looks to much like baby poop for the uninitiated. But I wouldn’t mind left overs and Negar from the Human Rights Commission is coming to speak and she seems like someone who might like Indian food. Saw her at the market at least. Thursday Trevor is coming to dinner. Promised to make some of his produce. John is doing a stir fry and I will probably make something to compliment that.

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