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Happy Violence

I am watching some Walking Dead Season 1 for the psych up for season 2 starting tonight. Having people over and have barbecued beef going in the slow cooker. I did a chuck roast, I think, with a cup salsa (from the market, the medium), 1 cup Sticky Pig barbecue sauce (out of Centralia), garlic powder (i’ve used all mine except what I’ve squirreled away to plant), fresh ground mustard and cumin seed, a red bell pepper, a hot poblano pepper (still don’t understand that but I got them), 3 red onions, a cup of water and a teaspoon of Better Then Bullion. Been cooking all day, added fresh oregano when i thought of it and when it comes apart with a fork, i’ll let it cool a bit, pull it apart, remove the fat and put it back in the sauce. Also doing corn on the cob.

Watching the first season where the cowboy rides into Atlanta, gets swarmed by zombie and crawls up into a tank. The tank operator is a zombie and the cowboy shoots him and his ears ring and he’s deafened. It captured what I like about the show in that it is violent but it is not happy violence. Happy violence is violence without consequences, like what you see in most action movies. People get in a fight and in a bit they’re fine. People shoot someone and no one gets PTSD. The world’s not like that. It inures people to violence in ways that realistic portrayals don’t.

A zombie apocalypse is not realistic. But by painting scenarios in an authentic way it aids the ability to suspend disbelief and makes for a better show. There’ll be 6 or 7 shows through the Fall, good excuse to have company. Makes me clean up the house a bit. In February there’ll be another 6 or 7 then its wait until next Fall.

Other then a little laundry i’ve also gotten the rest of my crocuses planted. I worked them into the bare spots in the herb garden. Trying to putter more then jam it out. As my old boss used to say you’ve got to respect the weekends”.

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