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its true i am an odd fellow

Today my friend Trevor and I joined the Odd Fellows. It was actually Sarah’s idea for a group of us to get involved with a service organization figuring that the membership is aging and there would be an opportunity to get involved and move some community institutions in a positive direction. Of course after she proposed the idea she promptly moved out of town. But we had been kicking around and went to a meeting a couple of weeks ago. The old gents were pretty engaging and I enjoyed listening to their stories. The Odd Fellows have a really cool building downtown and do dinner time meetings. There principles of love, truth, and fraternity seem reasonable and just. Taking on the burden of educating orphans, burying the dead, visiting the sick and such performs necessary social functions. It seems to me with the ever growing inadequacy to organize our society in a functional way that service organizations will grow again as they were much larger before we had a functioning social service delivery system they will have their day again when we no longer have one. That day grows closer.

We considered the Optimists. I like their cheerful mission and have been buying my Christmas tree from them for years. They do good work but their building is not as cool but mostly they meet at lunch and jamming all day at work the last thing I want to do is jam up town to schmooze over lunch.

There were a couple of young lawyers also joining tonight so our little cohort of four added some nice energy. They’re friendly folks and have a storied history. The inner workings are all a secret but the pomp of it was fun and people made the point that you get out of it what you put into it which is true of just about anything. We signed up for the dinner train to Centralia in a few weeks. I also found a lawyer I like to handle Dad’s probate so maybe I am a full fledged adult as was alleged about me recently as I got some much needed networking in.

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