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“I got time for one more cup of coffee”

What a day, nice to have someone to vent to over dinner. We had Kevin’s soup from yesterday, really excellent stuff with lime & pepper in a stock from a whole chicken with veggies. Lots of oregano, had some heat but a complex flavor, good stuff. I made chicken salad from the left over chicken mostly white meat with 2 little fuji apples, a red onion, organic raisins, yellow curry, fresh ground pepper & mayo. I had mine on olive bread from Uprise lightly toasted. Pretty yummy.

I realized half my problem was I forgot my second cup of coffee on the bathroom counter after my shower. I’m glad I had one because I had a client tell me I stink. I love people without a self censor. But a stressful day, needlessly so, but what do you do? I took the dog to the dog park. It gets dark early now and its a weird dynamic coming up on people in the dark and trying to be social so your dog can be near their dog and maybe play. Fido wasn’t going for it, weirded out by the dark and a lot of big dogs. There was a crowd though, hanging out in the dark, a few dogs running around.

Mostly this post is just to get more poetry up. This one I think I wrote maybe ten years ago and found in a notebook. It evolved from a couple of lines to a stanza or two and then rapidly completed itself. Its on the cheesy side but I like it.

I got time for one more cup of coffee

I got time for one more cigarette

I got time to read the balcony scene

From Romeo and Juliet

But I ain’t got time for a harsh word

I don’t got time to fret and pace

I don’t got time to hate anybody

For their views or the color of their face

But I got time to stop and smell the flowers

I got time to stop and see a friend

I got time to walk an unknown road

Just to see what’s around the next bend

But I don’t got time to answer the phone

I don’t got time to sit and cry

I don’t got time for the television set

To tell me all the things I should buy

But I got time to tell you I love you

And I got time for another kiss

If you don’t got time to spend with me

You’ll never know just what you missed

Cuz we got time to go to the park

We got time to look at the moon

We got time to love each other

But we’d better get started soon

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  1. Alternativepoet
    November 17, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    I like it too…:-)

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