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Punch and Judy

I’ve already titled this post, if I wait to see what its about sometimes I forget to title it, but its a decision not to write much of an update. I’ve been posting a lot so not much to touch on. I had a nicely paced workday which was good because in retrospect I pushed through the weekend pretty hard. Today I have been doing stuff all day which then if I still feel a little bad about not doing something it means a question of priorities because there’s not a slack in my day to add on.

Work is largely a no brainer, it pays the bills and gives me an opportunity to be a part of something that’s trying to help. After work its a brief with visit with Fido, essential and I wish I had more time for that, then I went to the Odd Fellows meeting. Parker fried fish and there was homemade corn bread and cake and it was fun helping out and eating and getting to know more people. Everybody’s pretty friendly and though I’m just getting into it I am ultimately intrigued by its history and mission.

I am deeply concerned about the future efficacy of government and other large institutions. I am thinking that some of the ones that predate an effective public social service system are important and need to be rediscovered by people who give a damn and prepped to pick back up the load. We can’t afford to keep generating cohorts of children that are casually nurtured and poorly educated and unleashed on a world without jobs or legitimate opportunity. Not unless we want Trouble.Health care is regressing in practical efficacy for most of us and the ranks of the poor grow and become more desperate. At least we can still bury the  dead.

So I’m getting involved with the Odd Fellows. What I’m not doing is standing with Occupy Como to make sure they get to keep their tents up and no one is walking around spraying a big can of Pepper Spray, or should I say CS Gas with some Pepper in it. Pepper Spray makes it sound organic and not a dangerous chemical that can kill people. Right now I am more into building for the future then opposing the present, though I think both are necessary and good.

So yesterday I mentioned I dreamed this song/poem. Definitely the first line was written asleep and I got up and wrote it down verbatim in minutes so maybe the whole thing so I don’t know how much credit to take. Its not that different then the stuff I write awake so maybe I do a good job of getting my conscious mind out of the way and let it flow.

If you don’t know Punch and Judy shows go back to at least the Middle Ages and I think it was a Roman thing. Punch has a stick and hits Judy, they’re puppets, did I mention they’re puppets. This piece updates it for the modern age:

Punch and Judy went to a show

I think it was about five nights ago

Punch brought his stick he was feeling cocky

The retro theater was playing Rocky

There was nothing Punch liked more then fisticuffs

A big tough guy who liked to play rough

Punch thought the only thing that was a pain

Was that Rocky never took a stick to Adrian

The clerk asked how many and Punch said “Two please”

They went in the wrong door into Thelma and Louise

Punch couldn’t believe it he was aghast

He wanted to get out of there something fast

But Judy wouldn’t leave she wanted to see the show

Punch hit her with his stick but the usher said: “no”

He through Punch out right into the street

“When Judy gets home, she’s gonna get beat”.

But Judy’s not gonna take it anymore

She bought herself a forty-four

She can’t match Punch’s brawn but she has friends who can

By the name of Mr Smith and Mr Wesson.

Punch took his stick and hit her in the head

Judy filled his puppet body up with lead

Punch dropped his stick he was dead as a nail

There’s not a jury around that would send her to jail

She’s been taking Punch’s beatings since the Middle Ages

Its time that old script got a few new pages

Violence isn’t the answer to domestic abuse

But its appropriate for puppets who were meant to amuse

Because Judy’s not going to take it anymore

She bought herself a forty-four

She can’t match Punch’s brawn but she has friends who can

By the name of Mr Smith and Mr Wesson.

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