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picking fights on facebook

Its kind of funny looking at things from multiple perspectives. I get to joust with Christians and their critics. There’s obviously some stuff that needs challenging but there is equally or more things that inspire greatness. Jesus really comes through as a character and has some profoundly good things to say that are foundational to what motivates me to do good. I keep trying to listen and look for common ground but be provocative and thought provoking.

Christianity turned me on to the words of Jesus and did a lot of other good for me. I saw people who were profoundly touched by the spiritual, a willingness to sacrifice, and powerful shared spiritual experiences. At least a couple of the ten most profound things I’ve experienced. But there’s also a lot of blood on the hands of that religion as a whole. 25% of the population of Europe was killed in its Christianization and I suspect other continents fared even poorer.

I try to take ownership of the fact that I share membership in many privileged groups. Being an American, white, male, not unChristian (don’t consider myself a Christian though I am a follower of Christ), straight, and by current status middle class I kind of hit them all. But what do you do? Very little of it was my choice and I try to be mindful, correct the imbalance, and make my piece of the universe a little bit better. In that spirit I wrote this piece opening with a bible quote and also lifting three words from Bill Clinton’s 2nd inaugural poet I forget his name. I’ll underline them so you’ll know they’re not mine. Its such a great phrase I couldn’t resist using it. This piece feels unfinished so someday I’ll break through and write a bunch more on it. I’ve had some false starts but nothing i’ve liked as much as the opening:

As an edit I am adding another stanza. It feels more done. I plan on using it in a new chap book which is why I’m trolling around old posts. I don’t fight with people on the internet anymore. I gave that up for local politics. I might do a little of both in the future.

The sins of the fathers pass on to the sons

Unto seven generations

And not just privilege and freedom

Come from being born an oppressor’s son.

Now I don’t blame the man who gave me my name

He only did what he did to survive

But the Karmic web of the disenfranchised dead

Tells me to pay for his crimes

I rejoice in the struggle

In battles not yet won

I believe in the redemption of the father

Through the redemption of the son

I believe in the spirit of wholeness

That calls us all to one

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  1. November 30, 2011 at 12:13 am

    “Jesus really comes through as a character and has some profoundly good things to say.”

    According to C S Lewis he’s either a madman or the son of God.

    Marie Marshall

  2. Alternativepoet
    November 30, 2011 at 12:58 am

    It was Miller Williams, the poem was called ” Of History and Hope” 😊

  3. March 30, 2017 at 10:35 am

    I finally finished.I am putting the new last stanza. I also want to make some comment on six year old comments. CS Lewis wrote some cool stuff but that false binary is ridiculous. The Jesus Institute does a nice job of identifying Jesus’s core message where neither of those alternatives rings true. Hanging a whole belief edifice on a handful of glosses that don’t jibe with the core of Jesus’s message contributes to an ongoing fundamental disconnect between what Jesus said and did and Christianity. Thanks for the Miller Williams reference. Of History and Hope is a great work. I was sorry but not surprised Trump declined to have an inaugural poet.

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