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they don’t make ear muffs anymore

Its been another interesting day. I slept good last night which I was grateful for having a couple of bad nights previously and really being tired yesterday. I got on stuff early starting the dishes while I was waiting for water for coffee and kept to a pretty good pace all day. Had to do a load of laundry because I needed the shirt I wore yesterday for pictures. The coffee was good, medium/dark Ethiopian I’d roasted yesterday over lunch. The benefits of a little hustle. Coffee really does hit its peak the day after a roast.

I remembered to water plants and ran some errands. Got some more inclement weather gear. Went to the Alpine Shop to try and find ear muffs. Its to cold to do nothing and a stocking cap just doesn’t work for what I’m trying to do these days, though there’s nothing better on a cold day. I have 3 I regularly wear depending on how cold it is. Only the gray one matches my coat but until very recently and only for a bit I haven’t cared a rats ass about such things. Function over fashion as much as I can get away with.

I had gone their last night but arrived shortly after close. I hit Walmart though I am not a fan because they were open and I also needed butter. When you need ear muffs and butter Walmart is your place. But no ear muffs, though I did get BGH free butter, go figure. So back to the Alpine Shop when they’re open and voila no ear muffs. Try the Tiger Store(University memorabilia)  they recommend which seems like a good idea. They did have a rain jacket. I lost mine some time ago and have been looking not finding one I like. More then I wanted to pay but a solid jacket that looks sharp so I got it.

Stopped at another memorabilia store. “Do you sell ear muffs?” “Nope, just stocking caps.” Everyone agrees stocking caps are the shit. At the Tiger store no ear muffs either. “Well we’ve got these” and they’re these little ear caps that pop open slide over your ears and then you pop them closed. Seemed ridiculous but I was thinking that maybe they don’t make ear muffs anymore. Apparently things go out of style and you can’t buy them in stores. Weird. I know the internet has everything all the time, flea markets and such as well. I am shopping for a sieve. They have gone the way of the ear muff, but I’ll find one because there’s no hurry. But it was cold today and the headband I borrowed looked cheesy on my receding hair line.

So I bought the “ear buds” I thought she said, I wore them out of the store and never really looked at the packaging. Didn’t see anything like them on google image search for buds and muffs. They’re kind of cool though, certainly keep your ears warm. Of course there’s a Tiger on them. Could be worse I guess, they could be tiger ears or something. They worked.

I wish I could have worn them when I got my picture taken. When it was 60 a week ago an outside shoot seemed like a fine idea. Less so today at 30. Jane took a lot of shots some outside some inside and we got some nice ones. All head shots, one in an open shirt and cardigan one in a shirt and tie. Should’ve worn the suit coat, it was cold. Between that and being outside I got a little chilled to the bone and tired.

I took Fido to the shoot to play with Jane’s dog Ursual, a 13 month old Pyrenees. The played pretty good together. After Fido got comfortable he started some chase and they had a good time. He’s sacked out at my feet curled up by his Christmas donkey. Its always fun getting your picture taken. Makes you feel special, important. I’ve been lucky enough to be in more then my share of them for being a homely fellow. Glad Fido got some good play in though, it was his day to walk and I didn’t do it. Will tomorrow and a bath too. He’s starting to smell like a dog.

Still went out for dinner with Amy and her friend. Went to La Siesta, always a terrible name for a Mexican restaurant. The nap is not inspiring as far as cuisine goes. Better name for a hotel or something. It was fair. I had the carnitas which wasn’t very spicy. Wasn’t bad and had some Dos Equis on tap. Now I’m ready to crash. Looking forward to finally getting the Christmas tree down tomorrow. No popcorn and cranberries this year.

  1. January 22, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    This post made me laugh! I like the little interjections fo humor. Or maybe it’s not supposed to be funny. But I laughed. Particularly:
    “Everyone agrees stocking caps are the shit.”
    “They’re kind of cool though, certainly keep your ears warm. Of course there’s a Tiger on them. Could be worse I guess, they could be tiger ears or something.”
    Good stuff. Reading this post made me happy because, one, you’re still posting (yipee!), and two, it seems really positive. I assume your photoshoot was for your campaign? It’s nice to hear your campaign is moving forward and that you haven’t lost steam for it. And at the same time, you’re still living your life like you- spending time with your dog, being outdoors-y, meeting new people, and hanging out with friends.
    Also, you should post some of the photos! Unless doing so would blow your cover.

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