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rocked on through the weekend

Its Sunday night at 9:22. I’m pretty tired but mind is spinning a bit. I made a jar of sun tea and put in one pack of the Organic Nighty Night tea that was snowing me. I also put in a ginger and a couple of chai. Thought it might be good at night. Thinking about a doctor’s appt. on the insomnia. There is a sleeping pill called Trazodone, a tricyclic anti-depressant they mostly use as a sleeper these days. It builds up a level in your system so it doesn’t have the problem of tolerance and dependence that goes along with all the other sleepers and why I even use the tea sparingly.

I’m tired though and expect to sleep well. Got a load of laundry done and another on the line and pretty much caught up on that front. I don’t have a large array of dress clothes. This week the big night will be Thursday with the Chamber candidate forum and a Legislator forum where I will have to try to meet people at the Library. It will also allow me to see what to expect when I do mine with the League of Women Voters.

I knocked on about fifty doors today. It was sunny and in the 50s I think. I was in a jacket some, in a sweater some, and put both on for the final push. Didn’t win a lot of commitments but had lots of positive interactions and only one “We’re not interested” before I got half way up the driveway. I think they thought I was a Jehovah’s Witness or something.

I’m a little congested and feel like I fought off a cold or the flue. Tomorrow I have a site visit at work with the Missouri Institute of Mental Health so I need to go in a little early and pull some charts and do a quick walk through. It’ll at least be a day off  the grind. Monday night is big night, doors if I can swing it, phone calls to local power brokers, follow up calls to the weekend doors, and need to write my intro and closing.

I got up early today and made bean soup. Its vegetarian and a little bland. It seemed better at lunch. Jeff brought homemade bread that was just incredible, better then Uprise, and Vicki made an apple pie from scratch. Trevor and Lisa made a nice salad so it was the deluxe spread. Long meeting afterward. Think I used up all my focus up.


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  1. January 31, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Your life sounds amazing. Sun tea, bean soup, fresh bread, apple pie??? You and your friends must be good cooks! It sounds really fun to have a little pot-luck kind of gathering. Maybe I’ll arrange one with a few of my friends as a pick-me-up for this dull weather we’ve been having.
    All of your canvassing and campaign talk reminds me of this show called Parks and Recreation. Have you ever watched it? It’s one of my favorite comedy shows, and the main character is always canvassing and campaigning for something.
    Also, I have a suggestion for your congestion (excuse the rhyme, it wasn’t on purpose). Try eating a lot of oranges and tangerines. I’ve heard that vitamin c is really good for getting rid of mucous and stuff. Also, Mucinex is suppoed to work like a charm. Hope you feel better soon, and good luck on Thursday!

  2. January 31, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    I am blessed with some friends old and new who can cook. Potlucks are awesome, cook one dish eat many. Its the way live, we’re not meant to be alone. I had a cutie (California Clementine) in your honor. Feeling good, charged up and raring to go. I’ve lost subscribers since the blog went political, glad you’re enjoying the ongoing saga. Thanks for the comment.

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