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utterly and totally exhausted

At least its the good kind of tired, satisfaction with a job well done, but tired nonetheless. I would be in bed but the dog has been alone all day. He had to get excited I was home, play a little, eat his dinner and now he is on his evening constitutional. Its a gentle night so I expect he will hang out outside for a while. I hope I get up early enough to take him for a walk. I guess getting off at 4 would allow me to squeeze a walk in before door knocking at 5. We’ve been getting lucky and getting to meet other dogs hitting the dog park at sunrise. He made friends with the pack that had annoyed me in the past. What I thought was a dog walker is really a dog rescuer with just to many dogs to reasonably manage. I understand wanting to help and having love in your heart. At least overcame the pack dynamic and got to play with some of them. Another morning there was a Husky. It kicked Fido’s ass eventually but all socialization helps. Whoops Fido’s barking so that wraps up my little tale. Its off to bed and dream perhaps of a better world.

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