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adventures from the campaign trail

Just watched the sun come up and it looks like a beautiful day. I’ve been truly blessed on the weather end for door knocking, the staple of a low budget high energy municipal candidate. I’ll hit 900 doors today and likely cross the thousand mark this weekend. I won’t be able to put in a full day today as there is the MU/Kansas game and it would be bad form to interrupt. Plus I have an invitation to watch the game at Jeff’s house and it will be nice to hang out and talk about something else besides the campaign. I see how politicians can get self absorbed and morally bent. There is something warping in this constant self promotion and angle working that is intrinsic to a competitive race.

Overall I feel like things are going well. I was endorsed by Labor and received a check and also got another sizable donation from a relative of my most active volunteer. The ethics reports are out and one opponent is behind in the fundraising race and the other hasn’t even formed a committee, which means he hasn’t raised or spent any money or he’s criminally negligent.

I continue to try to navigate my way through local controversy and stick to message. So far things seem to be breaking in my favor. My rack cards (those slick looking soundbite vehicles that come in the mail) are back from the printer and at the mailing house. Soon when I hit doors they will have at least seen a piece of mail. I hope to win more commitments and especially yard sign placements.

That really seems to go with my mood. When I am feeling it I can get commitments across the political spectrum more often then not. Sometimes though I am just getting them out. Friendly to everyone and open to a genuine connection for people who want to make that happen (a small minority) but mostly saying my spiel getting a commitment to take a look at my stuff and pleased I stopped by. Not bad but those days when almost every door is magic is pretty fun. I at least seem to open to being shifted into hyper-engaging mode with a cool connection at a door and am largely immune to the very occasional superfastblowoff, the worst I’ve run into thus far.

Had a cool experience yesterday. 92 year old dude who said I was the first candidate who had ever come to his door and won his vote just for showing up. Down the street met a lady who is concerned about the same things I am, saw I am a counselor at Phoenix Programs and hit me up for some doorway social work for her depressed son who had aged out of her insurance plan. Wrote out instructions to navigate the system for a free doctor and validated her struggle. Took a bit of time but found a home for another yard sign.

Made it out for a drink last night after doors and still got caught up on my follow up calls. Tonight is iffy, tomorrow is out of the question (Walking Dead, double deader since we missed last week). All in all things continue to go well. Busy, frightfully so but engaging and fun. Getting a lot of feedback of good feedback on Fido’s picture on the rack card. You can check it out at michaeltrapp.net on the bio page. If you get a chance follow the link to the Columbia Tribune poll and give me a vote, I’ve fallen behind. One of my opponents must be organizing around it a bit, I don’t think he’s that popular.

Well, I wouldn’t mind walking the dog again. He slept with me last night so I know he’s understimulated and lonely, its been a while since he cuddled up all night. There’s also a paper to be read and a little housekeeping wouldn’t hurt with having a date tonight. Nice problem to have.

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