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Vacation is nice, only a few calls and emails and reading about myself in the local press. I’m in a Days Inn in Ogalala Nebraska. Touristy enough to drive up the price. I was on a schedule though and this was the exit I wanted to stop in. I’ve made good time and just drove yesterday through increasingly nice weather. I am going to have some continental breakfast and then amble over to the local Boot Hill and visit some cowboy graves. I have a pocket of change and it seems appropriate on the one year anniversary of the Popster’s passing to pay my respects somewhere. He was not buried with his boots on though he probably wanted to be. His only stated wish was to be drove back to the homeland in his pick up and we pulled that off. My TV doesn’t work but there’s a coffee pot in the room so I won’t complain. Even crappy coffee is a blessing though I won’t complain when I get to John’s and go back to drinking home roast. He squirreled away some Kenyan for us when he got his 2 free pounds with the roaster I got him for Christmas. Its good Friday a good day to think about death or in my case death and coffee, or really death and coffee and breakfast. I’ve got a touch of poison ivy, it must be in the yard. I’ll have to go back through with better eyes. Been singing some snatches of verse, maybe i’ll get something done enough to post.

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