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So its been two years since my last post. That post had a year gap. That means my next post is likely to be in four years if present trends continue. “Trend is not Destiny” this bumpersticker in the Earthfirst! Journal said. I’ve been quoting it ever sense. A big finale when I was doing groups.

I read most of the posts I had made since starting politics. April elections are next week, I will be up for my third term in a year. I am still thinking about bringing my bog public. There’s a lot of crazy shit in it. I also feel a little bit like with six years of a record and a successful career helping people that I have a little leeway. I also feel enough is out there to be a dustup anyway so what if its six things or six million things. Haters are going to hate and say you suck regardless.

I quit my day job almost a year ago. Went on vacation to Dominica. Very nice, maybe I’ll do ┬ásome posts on it if I get blogging again. My boss had said put it down and don’t think about work. So I did. On the third day sitting on the beach I thought that what I had been doing was crazy. I couldn’t pick that back up. It was all too much and there was just to much of everything flying around. I thought even if I wasn’t always on a tropical beach I was a free human being and could choose to do what I would do.

The stresses of poverty are way less then the stress of two careers. I am happy, doing good work. The bills are paid and I have a little money in the bank. I am blessed beyond imagining. I started my own business. I am a social entrepreneur trying to make a living sharing what I’ve learned on the change process. I lost $28.00 last year, not bad for a partial first year effort. I am trying to make $16,000 this year to earn my Obamacare subsidy.

I get $6,000 for City Council. I may get a part time job. I’ve been looking, being picky, trying not to spend money, enjoying an occasional nap and a 40 hour work week which feels like being a layabout. I started a book, but stalled out. I am going to put something else together easier. Everything is written except an introduction. I’d like to have a product to market some presentations and workshops around. I have a few other things going. Teaching a class on Team Building for high school students with autism. That’ll be fun and a good chance to dig into some pedagogy.

I haven’t been doing any marketing. Wrestling with the consequences of opening my life up to social media. Needs to be done. I think I’ll do it like a bandaid and quit fretting about it and just pull it off. Maybe as early as end of next week. What do you think faithful reader?

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