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I’m Back

Over seven years ago I made my blog private. I wrote a lot of personal things and didn’t want my sacred things drug through the mud or used as a cudgel to beat me up with as I engaged in local politics. I have had a successful career as a citizen legislator and enjoyed a lot of my experiences. It doesn’t define who I am and I want to pursue other interests. Part of those interests is telling more of my story and I thought attaching my new material to this large body of work I have been accumulating makes sense.

So with a greater commitment to being wholly myself publicly with less concern for the inevitable critics I am going to start blogging again. I have a lot of interesting projects going on and I look forward to sharing them. I also want to be more disciplined about writing more and spending more time on projects that are additive and that I have more passion. I have spent a lot of time responding to events and capitalizing on opportunities as they develop instead of implementing my own agenda. I look forward to a greater emphasis on creativity, spirituality and engaging in the natural world.

Its been a beautiful Fall day. Most Mondays I have a standing gig on a right wing radio show talking mostly about local issues. Its a way for me to engage with folks I might not otherwise hear as much from. After coffee and the news I read over the public hearings and First Reads section of the agenda to anticipate what we would be taking up on the next meeting.

I finished with enough time to grab up some primrose and flea bane flower heads. I have been spreading my extra native wildflower seed over disturbed areas and public right of way in need of more local flowers to help the pollinators. Monarchs migrate south through here fairly late so now that I’ve tricked out my yard I am trying to build up the flowers in the neighborhood.

I became an everyday bicycle commuter again early in the summer and have been riding to almost all my appointments. Its a 5 or 6 mile ride but parts of it are pretty beautiful. It was fun tossing my seed heads in likely spots and riding along. On the Grindstone trail I scared up some deer. Lots of other bikers and some walkers all enjoying the gorgeous day.

It was a good show. The host has been hard on me as we took up a controversial ban of so called gay conversion therapies for youth. Today we mostly just talked sidewalks, sewers and infill development issues.

I finished my left over pho I had made last week for lunch and spent some quality time in my strawberry patch. That’s where my flea bane and primrose had come from as I took out that and some weeds. I cleared the strawberries and also trimmed up the roses and lilacs growing over the path. Next step is to transplant my strawberries that have spread into the path and put up fencing to keep the dogs out.

Fido is telling me he’s finished dinner and is ready to go out so I’ll leave it at that. Looking forward to engaging with readers and sharing more about what I do and what I’m into.

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