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All Saints Day

Greetings constant reader. I hope you are well. It’s been a good All Saints Day here on Leslie Lane. I’ve been cleaning and organizing my room. Three years of filing and decluttering about done. I have a large furniture thing with drawers and a top where I pile my this and that’s, scrapbook clippings and ephemera and things to be filed. It’s about done and put in organized boxes that will fit under my bed.

I started the project to find Aldous Huxley’s “Island”, which I thought was lost in the pile and I couldn’t come up with it after 2 deep dives. After I cleared the suspected pile I found it on my bookshelf. I remembered stumbling across it and throwing it on the shelf so it wouldn’t get lost in the pile. The travails of hoarders. Glad to have it done nonetheless.

I also fenced my strawberries. I wrote this post to include photos but I need to do some things first apparently. It was a beautiful day much appreciated after the Halloween snow.

I hope you feel loved and have a warm place in your heart for your honored dead like I do. Look for some poetry and more multimedia as I look to do more stuff in this space.

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