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Multiconstruct In the News

So this happened. It was a fun interview. It’s been really fun and healing to not think about a next race and just live.


It’s generated a lot of well wishes which has been nice. Especially on a day I jammed. For not having any paying work I did a lot.

A friend came over for coffee and we had a great conversation about the nature of the self and when it breaks down into its constituent parts what that allows and how you can integrate new insights put it back in order.

I hung laundry and took the dogs to hike at Cosmo Park. We did a mile or so Loop on Rhett’s Run a mountain bike trail. It was hilly with more snow then mud for a warm winter day. Patches and Fido stayed pretty close. I was afraid Fido would lead her to roam but he’s wary of her since she got so much bigger and just as rambunctious.

Fido is in the background on his throne, where he is now, sleeping the sleep of the just. I’ve been neglecting him because Patches was exercising him but now he doesn’t play so I’m going to have to start walking him again.

Got back home and bikes across town to Dickies BBQ. My friends Jim and Lisa have a lunch fundraiser for the United Way. It was fun talking to the United Way folks about how my perspective had changed. As a young radical I questioned the United Way’s “control” over the nonprofit sector by brokering their fairly limited funding. Built a lot of admin and audits and other less directly useful things. My 50something self sees the value of outcomes, audits, and other structures to ensure quality. I also talked to a couple of folks interested in running for Council.

I went to Shnucks and grabbed a few things and biked home. My legs were trashed at this point. Walking in the snow and creeping on the ice uses weird muscles.

I forgot to mention the chuck roast I had barbecuing in the slow cooker. I pulled that apart and cooked down the sauce. I used Kelsey’s homemade salsa, grilled onions, jalapeños, and a green pepper; powdered mustard, cumin, black pepper & fenugreek; celery and the last of the bbq sauce rinsed out of the bottle. It was good. The salsa was vinegary so it had a South Carolina feel. I also browned the roast in rye flour.

After grabbing my clothes from the line I shot over to The Grind for office hours. No one came so I got to relax, read amendments for our upcoming short term rentals ordinance. I also wrote answers for a newspaper article on the same subject. I might throw it up here with a link to the article. Interesting topic. My thinking has evolved as I’ve read the literature and thought it through.

Came home and had friends over for dinner and D&D. It’s been awhile since we gamed and it was fun. It was a long full day but as January comes to a close I feel like I’m living my best life. It’s my mom’s birthday today. She’d be 82. She’s been gone 20 years now. She’d be proud of me though.

Look for some more stuff on what goes into local government. Make a comment, follow the blog. Thanks for caring enough to read this far.

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