This is an attempt to pull together all of my poetry that is up for public consumption. If you have Mike Trapp poems that I don’t shoot me a copy if you want it shared. As I think or stumble across more I will add them. I have put them in reverse chronological order as best as I can  listed by title. There are currently 75 or so.

A Paean for Ganesh

A Christmas Carol

we don’t make flags here anymore

Black Iron Prison

I’m Drinking Mead and Thinking Pensive Thoughts


& 1 for the chronically upside down

prose poem with lots of unattributed quotes

ffree stile poetry

spinach or chard

Am I any less real when I am asleep 

an idea poem

A Good and Happy Child

brain wave

Wise Old Solomon

curriculum vita

what every driver should know

Letter to a Sunday School Teacher

Cowboys ain’t much like they used to be

Tyger, Tyger

I’m no Eddie Von Blondt

Gordon Goes to Heaven

The Buddha Next Door

7 Aphorisms for Nathan

Village Burner


The sins of the fathers pass on to the sons

selections from an upublished novel

 unfinished novel page 25


Like cigarettes speak for the dead

Magical Mystical Thing

The Ballad of Cherokee Bill


Anna’s Song


If you want to be an angel

Shells upon shells upon shells upon shells



Leon Czolgozs

When your Wife is Dying in the Summer Time

A Song of Love and Respect

I got time for one more cup of coffee

Appalachian Spring #4 (The Salamander Dance)

Appalachian Spring #3 (i’ll think of you)

Appalachian Spring #2

Appalachian Spring #1


Define my own Reality

L____’s Song

a free verse poem about anything

Hey Mister Painter Man

He’s as innocent as OJ

I Shot Jesse James


Battle of Fallen Timbers


Tecumseh #1

Punch and Judy

Kewpie Doll Love

The School Dance

Please Don’t Beat Your Kids

Point Reyes

Becoming Whole

Chicken Fried Johnny

Jesus poem

john and salome

Chimp Poem

The School Dance

Ye Are Gods


I believe that the universe exists

Live in a Garden

I don’t go to zoos

Talking About Squirrels

Untitled #1

Untitled #1, Stanza 2

Glue Sticks and Potatoes

Sunrise War

The Fool

Old Style is a cage

Trapp’d in a tin can

My dog is fourteen


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