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I have been posting a lot but not writing much. Pulling together my drugs and the brain series and writing the wedding have kept me writing so i haven’t wanted to take the time to write something, but i feel out of touch. As far as updates I got my MRI results, i have 2 bulging discs and a cyst on my spine. Its the upper disc the c-6 that’s pinching my nerve. I have been getting stronger but i am still out of whack. Today we had family day but the flier didn’t make it out of the marketing committee so no one was there. Jared shot some footage of me for the motivational interviewing training video we’re putting together. I am excited about the project, he’s pretty in to it and getting shots from a lot of different angles and stuff. I bet it’ll be tight. I talked about OARS: Open ended questions, Affirming, Reflecting, and Summarizing. You do all those things selectively and you can direct someone without telling them to do anything, its a cool technique. I also went to the Farmers Market and got lettuce, (some of my first crop of lettuces are coming in but not enough for local salad for every dinner. With the romaine recall i’m glad i’m doing all local lettuce. I also picked up asparagus, its been out for over a month and got some plants. I got 4 tiny hot pepper plants of various varieties and a 4 pack of big yellow marigolds.

In the garden the strawberries are turning white and should be producing soon, looking good. Bunnies have been at the kale not only in the bed but one up by the house as well and they grazed across the baby peas. I am going to put out cayenne tomorrow, i told the bunny hanging out in the neighbors yard. I am just not going through all this work to feed rabbits. I also picked up some sweet spanish onions each is supposed to come out a pound. Its getting late but its still cool. I double dug the eastern end of the 2nd bed and shoveled in about three inches of compost. I have room for another couple rows of something. I think i’m out of lettuce, maybe more kale though. I really need to cultivate everything, feed the bulbs in the back yard, weed the shade flower bed, and sundry other chores. If i had the time and strength i would knock out the rest of that second bed and do it up in yellow beans. I still may. As I write this it seems worth it. Have to finish amy and michael’s wedding first, i have all the pieces now. and clean the bathrooms, brenda and heather are coming next weekend.

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October 31, 2009 Leave a comment

I have been troubled about this blog since John told me it was generating spam in his feeder. I went over all the settings and have been more cognizant over who is registered as a user. I deleted a couple of suspicious looking users and then i have been besieged by new users with similar looking suspect email addresses. I am tired of being notified them opening up the site and deleting them throughout the day so i have tried to change my settings to bar new users from registering. sorry for anyone who would like to register to comment. i will try to open it up for that again down the road. for those who are registered are any of you still there? please let me know about any spam related incidents with this site.

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