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Hello world!

How does a technologically unsophisticated basically shy person get a blog? About a week before the blog began i shared an anecdote and someone asked my why i didn’t have a blog. I said i was waiting for someone to come to my house and set it up for me. Then when i was helping Terry and Kristin move (see next post) i ran into Ben Jones who i hadn’t seen in 10 years. We got caught up swimming at the quarry and i invited him back to my house for coffee. He also asked me why i didn’t have a blog and offerred to set one up for me which he did from my back porch. When he was thinking about domain names he asked me what my philosophy was and i told him “i was multiconstruct”. I believe that every way of looking at the world is not really the way the world is but its an artificial construct built to make sense of the world, a construct. I also believe that every construct both illuminates some truth and shades other truths or renders them meaningless. The best way to understand this wonderful and infinite universe of ours is to draw the best most useful ideas from all of the constructs folks have made to understand. Robert Anton Wilson taught me that everything is true in some sense, false in some sense, and meaningless in some sense. Aleister Crowley shows in the introduction to The Book of Lies that all language falls short of actuality and there is no way to tell the complete truth with words. To make the most accurate picture of the world i draw from all systems of belief to paint as accurate picture of the Truth as i can. Instead of asking “is this true?” i ask “in what way is this true” “how is this false”. This allows me to defy contradiction and hold to science, religion, philosophy and draw what understanding i can.

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