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Hi Trevor

I am hanging out at my friend Trevor’s waiting for him to finish up with the plumber. I was showing him my blog and wanted to impress on him the immediacy of the thing so i am writing a quick mini-post. Trevor are doing a trip to Detroit for thanksgiving. We are going to visit Jeff Pavlik and Co in Farmington Hills and running by my old stomping grounds. I think i will have to retract any commitments i’ve made to do any particular thing and freestyle it. He is going to Eastern Europe in the peace corps in March and needs to see a doctor the day before turkey day. Do you know anyone who wants to rent his house? It comes with a cat named Ms Fezziwig. There is a lot of stuff you have to do to go to the peace corps. Thats why i’ve never joined. I have pledged to visit he and his wife and am hoping for kazakhstan or lithuania, now that Fiji has been ruled out. I will tell you all about the trip as it develops.

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