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racing a dying battery

greetings constant reader. Just on an organizational note i edited “going crazy part 4” and am going to plunge on with that narrative by request. Thank you for the positive feedback, although it would be cooler to see it in the comment section. I am also thinking of some more childhood truckdriving stories, maybe John can help me out with some ideas. I went house hunting today, there are an overwhelming number in my price range. I saw one stucco “arts & crafts” bungalow i really liked and i am going to schedule an appointment with a realtor tomorrow. I am feeling very grown up and i almost had a panic attack when i thought i won’t just be able to tell work to shove it up their ass and take off hitchhiking anymore. On the plus side i talked to The Popster and he is sounding excited about coming to live with me so i suspect it’ll be worth it. I was on facebook confirming i was friends with phoebe and stacey and a pretty girl i did not know pinged me. i pinged her back, is that the right thing to do? i also made bean soup with my ham bone from easter, it came out a little greasy. I will try to scoop it off the top when it congeals, my apologies to the vegetarians. I have been thinking more and more that veganism is more akin to an eating disorder than social statement. Like anyone cares what the fat guy thinks about eating disorders. Well i’d better publish this before my battery dies. All of the plugs were taken.

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