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end of the birthday season

I turned 40 this week and now i am a man. It feels good, i am happy with where i am with my life. Better than i thought it would turn out. I am thankful and greatful and i feel gifted and strong. I’m getting promoted. Same job different title, more money most likely, an extra meeting a week when i can swing it to be part of the administrative team. Sweet. I gave this kickass presentation on my birthday day when the agency rewrote the treatment plan to how i do treatment plans. My team who’ve heard all this before because i am a big believer of the 5 minute workshop, and just give me a chance to pontificate, said i was preaching. And I was. We build on individuals strengths not their problems. We look at problems as “opportunities for development”, to be aware of, not to base your life upon. We ask “if you woke up tomorrow and your life was perfect what would it look like?” It puts us in the Miracle Business instead of the Problem Solving business. I talked about setting goals: significance, achievability, time limited, postively stated,

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