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Appalachian Spring #3 (i’ll think of you)

This is the last piece I wrote hiking the southern most piece of the Appalachian Trail in 2000. Overall that was a really rough year for me but this piece has some joy in it. It was in early May and the wildflowers were really spectacular. We bought a little book and tried to learn their names as we went and this piece came out of those efforts. I remember reciting it for a friend and she was rather surprised i had this kind of sentiment in me. Life is not made up all of metaphysics and politics, but it takes a little love now and again as well.

When the Mountain Laurel is blooming

And the Cinquefoil is too

And the Bluets and the Spiderwort

Is such a lovely hue

I’ll think of you

And I’ll think of you

When I have fresh berries

That are so delightfully blue

Or I see the mulberry tree

And stop to pick a few

I’ll think of you

And I’ll think of you

When the leaves start to change

And turn all red and yellow like they do

And I go out walking in the woods

And the Great Horned Owl asks “who?”

I’ll tell him you

And I’ll thank of you

When the first snowfall comes

And turns everything white and new

and the kiddies don’t have to go to school

And the moms don’t know what to do

I’ll think of you

And I’ll think of you

At the stars at night

I’ll think of you

When the sun shines bright

I’ll think of you

Most every season

I’ll think of you

For any reason

I’ll think of you

And I’ll think of you

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