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Taiwan wins the World Cup

Its been a pretty good day. I got up early and got a little house cleaning in and made a couple of dishes for my world cup brunch. I made a fruit salad with half a cantaloupe, 3 peaches, an apple, and some raspberries. What made it special was the Gorgonzola cheese and walnuts. I also made a cucumber salad with of course cucumbers, yellow bell pepper, sweet onion, with a dressing made of sour cream, balsamic and white vinegar and some light brown sugar. Its not the best cucumber salad but it was good. Apple cider vinegar works better but i am out. I also chopped up some purple tomatoes and shredded some cheese ahead of time.

I had invited some Taiwanese psychology grad students in town for a month in an exchange program. One of them was sitting in on my batterers intervention group and we had hit it off a bit. Once I got them in and settled I browned some tenderized round steak sliced them up and then made fajitas in honor of Spain.

Lunch was a big hit (it was even photo worthy) and the game was a good one, in spite of what the commentators had to say. There were tornadoes south of us and they interrupted the coverage a bit but we didn’t miss anything important. Eric came by as did Sarah who brought the pickles we had made. They all sealed nicely and are looking very pretty. We did close to 20 lbs. dill and bread and butter. I can’t wait until they’re ready for eating, perhaps a month or so.

After the game the exchange students and myself went out for coffee and talked a little shop. In Taiwan batterers frequently divorce the victim because of family pressure and the shame which they place on the victim. A lot of dudes in the rural South buy mail order brides and then they just buy a new one if things don’t work out. Mostly though we all had similar experiences. Patriarchy is patriarchy.

It was a lot of fun having them over and showing them around town. We made vague plans for a cook out. Dad enjoyed having them over and invited them back. We talked about hiking. My first thought was Pinnacles but we had a lack of appropriate foot wear so I think we will probably go out to Devil’s Icebox and the Pierpont Store.

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