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what a blessed day. early to bed last night, early to rise this morning. listening to the rain come. tried the light roast ethiopian john made, pretty good not the greatest. made a pot of the guatemalan later and it was a touch better then that. the stuff from yemen is the best and panama was the least impressive, though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. john said he would gift me his roaster when he goes back to california so i will be continuing on the home roast. expecting a grand nephew any minute now, my prayers are with the new mom. going to the drive in to see planet of the apes/cowboys and indians (weather permitting). trevor is coming over for dinner and the whole leslie lane gang minus the dogs, and the plants of course (they’re inveterate homebodies).

john teased me for my grammar in my last post. i did have a 3 line run on sentence devoid of punctuation til the period at the end so i could see his point. especially since i’d posted some oatmeal for apostrophe day. but what are you gonna do. if i write for free i’m not gonna hit the shift key without recompense. it was legible if you worked at it.

went to the market early so i got bacon. i was light on cash so i didn’t buy out the store. kept me from getting a pork roast even though i was nice and early. some other time. i had a lot of stuff but i still nabbed 3 bags. got some lettuce which muddy farms or boots or whatever has been putting out every week. how do you grow lettuce when its 107????

got a 1/2 peck of peach seconds for six bucks. i ain’t proud. six bucks is six bucks and i don’t need the perfect roundness of grocery store expectations. had one it was oh’ so yummy. kale was lovely as well. i chopped some up in john’s leftover chicken and noodles and made a casserole. also added last weeks red peppers, banana peppers, onions, and i also got some okra, though mine is coming back strong after the deer predation of a few weeks ago. i still hope to have some late. i topped it with crackers and pecans, getting to the end of my 10 lbs early this year. will have a gap til the first winter market when this years returns. actually looking forward to eating some other kind of nut. a local cuisine is cool but its a big world out there with a lot of nuts for example. had breakfast this am with some yogurt, local apple, fresh ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. trevors here time to eat.

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