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more thanksgiving travels

Day two on our Thanksgiving journey fortunately involved less driving. Trevor and I went for a hike in Oregon (Pierson Park) with Chad and his dog Nakomas. We drove out the “Greenbelt” Parkway and talked of our efforts to keep that boondoggle from coming into being and came back over the Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge which had better memories. We then drove up to my sister Betty’s and visited with the family. It was interesting having an outsider’s perspective on the typical family drama and we had a nice meal. Heather took Trevor and I on a tour of downtown Ida which hasn’t changed much although I was pleased to see the new library. When I lived there it was in a trailer and i remember having read whole sections of it. After saying our goodbyes we drove up to Monroe and checked out downtown which was quite still on a Thanksgiving evening and ended our sojourn at the truckstop for a bowl of chili and oatmeal respectively. Trevor’s biggest observation was the gaps in Toledo, the vacant houses and buildings and empty lots like broken teeth in a formerly perfect smile compared to all the new construction in my former country home rapidly joining the world of exurbia.

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