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all saints day

Samhain has passed and its a pagan new year, a new pagan year. something like that for sure. i definitely felt a thinning between the years waking from a dream of my mother on halloween morn’. I dreamed she’d been in the bath and the water was running, had overrun the sides of the tub. She hid herself when i arrived but i could see where she’d started to towel up the water. and that was that. i found her presence, or at least the feeling of her shortly gone, comforting. something of some meaning to ruminate on to get back to the true spirit of the season, pardon the pun. i carved a pumkin, the last of the 3 volunteers that came up in my strawberry bed out of the compost of presumably last years jack o’ lantern. i made a square eyed square mouthed fellah with bolts on the side with a definite frankenstein look. my best pumpkin in a decade i think is safe to say. got 10 trick or treaters, up from 7. Only one without a costume, a little guy who said he was a christian when the popster asked what he was supposed to be. played some D & D, ate the bulk of the candy after Harry’s Halloweeny beanie weanie for dinner. Finished off the evening with an HP Lovecraft movie. Party Bonus for the end of daylights saving time. Today i give my nod to all the saints, the lives they led, and they’re continued comforting presence.

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