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deer ate my broccoli

It has been great to get out and work in the yard. After endless rain, being sick,  and working late it has been awhile since i got out and got my hands dirty. I started the day at the market getting yellow carrots, some of the last field tomatoes, and some odds and ends. Ran into Sarah and shopped with her there and at gerbees. Made plans to collect wreath stuff in the national forest tomorrow.

After the market i surveyed the demesne and found all of the broccoli neatly cropped off. It was looking like it was gonna make a crop too, sadness. That made a total loss for the  fall seedling project. $3.75 for a snack for deer, although at that point i was suspecting Thumper and not Bambi.

My most pressing project was to get rid of the leaf pile by the compost bin before it killed the grass. It was going on like three weeks since they got piled up there after the bins got filled up. First i needed a place to put them so i pulled out the tomatoes out of the strawberry beds. I found three nice tomatoes with only some soft spots and Harry put them in the three bean salad for a side with our local farm trout.

The strawberries really came out good and i weeded the now expanded beds. Dad and i debated strawberry policy and I am ready to cede  up as much square footage as they want. i’ll just move the path around them out to the lilacs at least. I did reposition those that got pulled out in the cleaning of the beds.

I then just raked the pile down the hill and covered them up in a 4″ pile. In the spring i’ll rake them off and compost them when i’ll need brown stuff. I debated knocking off for the day but had some energy left so i transplanted the daffodils growing in the southeast corner that i use as grill supply storage. I spread the clump out over a space about four times as big using up the last of my homemade compost. I’m a ways away from the next batch. Hopefully march.

I then raked the leaves on the top of the hill in the front yard onto the spring bulb beds. While checking out the tulip/crocus bed on the eastern side i saw two holes. I first thought it was squirrels harvesting out more tulips (they ate half of them last fall when i planted them) as i had seen sign they were pulling out tulips in the back yard. The holes weren’t ragged though and i saw an obvious hoof print. I think it was one going over the fence from the depth which made me think that’s who got the brocolli.

Gonna have to get Oni out earlier in the morning. She was chasing a squirrel while i was raking, a bulky one missing most of his tail. There was a littler one out front with me hanging out in the bushes. I told the furry tailed rat to stay out of my bulbs and made sure i got the leaves on.

Trouts on. i’ll let you know how the maters were.

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