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“Village Burner”

With the 4th of July upon us once again I saw a post about Indians and the Revolutionary War. We like to think the war was about freedom and self determination or even taxation but one of the biggest causes were the colonists impatience with the British’s more moderate policies towards Native Americans. The British agreed to close off settlement West of the Appalachians and the Colonists were eager to steal those rich lands. Washington himself was a surveyor and land speculator eager to seize Indian lands for his personal profit. Besides being the cause of the war the ruthlessness of how the Colonist insurgents prosecuted the war against the Native Americans took warfare to a whole new level. Unable to track down the warriors causing us such trouble Washington ordered the villages attacked, the women and children killed and the corn burned. “Village Burner” is my attempt to tell the truth on this awful event in American history.

They didn’t call him the Great White Father

They didn’t call him Dear Old George

They never talked about no cherry tree

To the Mohawk he was a scourge

They called him Village Burner

He invented Total War

To make war on the women and the children

They’d never seen his like before

And Washington was a land speculator

And not just a holder of slaves

He surveyed and sold much Indian land

To many a worthless knave

And long before Adolph Hitler

Came to his Final Solution

Washington sought to rid the land

Of people he considered pollution

And they called him Village Burner

We must not forget his sin

To make war on innocent civilians

I hope we never see his like again

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