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“Letter to a Sunday School Teacher”

I thought I remembered posting this one. I wrote it after going church with a friend, but the story sort of tells itself:

Hey Teacher, Hey Teacher

I went to your class and I heard

What could have been the Holy Word

You know beauty, truth, and love

And Heaven up above

And Jesus and forgiveness of sin.

Well we had some of that

And you didn’t even pass the hat

And we talked and prayed in beauty truth and love

But on more than one occasion

You said of the gay persuasion

The Church is way too tolerant of Them.

Well I didn’t even know there was a Them

Because I thought there was an Us

You know every single human being

And the call goes out to all

And its the same Spirit that falls

Upon every heart that turns to God in prayer.

And I’ve been to a church in San Francisco

And another across the Bay

Where the congregation was less straight then gay

And the same Spirit filled the hall

That it does when I pray with you all

Surely God does love Her children all the same

And I call it a new circumcision

When you say you know with precision

Just how God does view every right and wrong

For if a law was good enough

Surely Jesus wouldn’t have it so rough

To make salvation a free gift for all.

And like meat sacrificed to idols

Lo, all is permissible

If its done with love to the glory of God

And Everyone who knows to do good

And does it not, that is sin

Love and only love is the highest law

And Everyone who loves is a child of God

That’s how God’s love is perfected

Love and only love is the highest law

And by their fruits we shall know them

And yet we must never judge

Love and only love is the highest law

In case you missed it,

Love and only love is the highest law.

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  1. July 4, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    Another wonderful post. What at better world we would have if more love was preached and lived.

  1. August 19, 2011 at 11:38 pm

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