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“congressman paul was right on that”

Watching some Republican debate action. Everyone looks very earnest as there is yet another over stylized singing of the national anthem. Rick Santorum sings along. Rick “don’t google me” Santorum kept it brief. I would like to see them follow the rules of the debate, listen to each other and the question, and answer it as directed. This spew a sound byte instead of thinking is a troubling turn and if you’ve ever talked to someone who communicates that way, its annoying.

Its been a pretty busy day. I was up late last night and had a busy one. A challenging but engaging two hour co-occurring disorders group, but it ended up all coming together nicely. I start each group with a “check in” your name and how you feel. I ask people not to use the 4 meaningless peaces of politeness “good”,” fine”, “OK”, and “alright” and the generally is a body feeling “tired”. I had to check in myself as “defensive” half way through the first hour and used it to teach how I had observed it behaviorally and not felt it as an emotion but still knew it was true. I like to teach the sociopaths that not being able to feel feelings is an excuse. Left me worn out but got through the rest of the afternoon.

John made supper so i got to bring in the plants as the paper was calling for 32 degrees for the next 2 nights. I also started up the furnace. I got a whole mess of green tomatoes. I’m going to fry them up for dinner on Friday, maybe. Maybe, I’ll do it Parmesan style. I wouldn’t mind doing green tomato jelly as well but that’ll take some doing. I am going to St Louis for the weekend so I would have to research, shop & make it all on week nights. maybe.

So the debate has been going on. Some real answers and interactions. A lot of nonsense and a fair amount of dare i say dickishness. Again only Ron Paul has any attractive qualities. The courts are unfair to minorities, they’re against Obama care because Democrats proposed it. He just says it like it is. Bachman is against the 14th amendment and she calls herself a constitutional conservative, but they’re all like that. I “liked” the constitution because all they talked about was amending it.


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