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At the bottom  is an unfinished fragment I found in drafts. I didn’t note the date but it feels like early in my political career. When I had a career and Council life was really crazy. I can’t believe I did it for 4 years. I knew I probably couldn’t handle it when I decided to run but thought it was probably worth it even I could only get in and make a few votes. It’s manageable now but I’ve just been weary of it since Uncle Mike got sick. Caregiving just sucked the joy out of it and it attenuated me to the abuse you have to take to serve well.

I sleep well again, working less. Not tonight. On Council nights I like to nap and drink coffee late. We were out by 9:30 and with the time change it felt like 8:30 but I’m still wired and restless. Not unlike this fragment. I might see what else I have lurking in drafts.

Well here it is:

After laying in bed for an hour or two and not being able to sleep I realize I am not going to. Might as well start the day. I haven’t had a chance to blog, the pace has been not only frenetic, but constant.

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