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another full day

Continue to suck the marrow out of life. It is full, it is exciting, it is good. Got up early and made my coffee to go. I’m into the medium roasts now and had a Rwandan I roasted yesterday, pretty good. Fido and I walked down to the park, and his buddy the standard poodle Ru was there. Fido was as happy to see Ru’s mom who has a treat for him when she sees him. She says the park is really talking about the election and encouraged me to do more outreach. She is going on vacation but offered to have Fido over for the day when she gets back. She had a thing to do so we walked the long way home. She was teasing me for Fido needing a bath and a brush out and for thinking I could clip his hair myself.

At lunch a prospective roommate came over, Flow. She seems nice and actually I knew her from River Relief and some of Heidi’s parties. She thinks about 2 weeks and she will move in. She liked Fido and wants to take him for walks. She is also into cooking and it will be nice to get to eat twice as often as I eat. I think she will get along well with Brenda as well.

After work I hit doors with Terry Frueh who was visiting from Oregon. I did my opponents neighborhood. Found all the signs rather intimidating. I stopped at most of them anyway and one person was outside with her little dog and I chatted her up and without asking she put her vote back in play. I talked to another of his supporters who seemed liberal, judging by the big Buddha on her mantle. She asked about my involvement with the neighborhood association and thought hers was active because they have one meeting a year.

I also knocked on the door of a woman from the Chamber of Commerce who seemed supportive. She was impressed with my door knocking which she had seen mentioned on some blogs. Got in 35 doors, best weekday yet. Add in a beautiful sunset and it was a nice day. Went to Bangkok with Terry and it was nice to get caught up and get some Columbia history. Some good Thai food was nice as well.

Then home for calls and emails wind down and tomorrow I do it again. 60 and sunny is enough to make me forget its February. Got our hotspot ordered, first mailing at the mail house, and the political wheels keep turning.

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